Executing Circuits on Qiskit Backends

True-Q™ supports direct execution of circuit collections on hardware and simulators that use a Qiskit backend. This includes the IBMQ superconducting qubit chips . Transpiling to the given backend is done automatically for any backend whose gates are a subset of ['u1', 'u2', 'u3', 'cx'].

Qiskit backends accept job requests that contain one or more circuits to be run at a specified number of shots. Like many modern quantum hardware platforms, these backends have restrictions on how many circuits a user can submit per job, and jobs are prioritized in a queuing system that contains many users’ jobs. Thus, large circuits collections (e.g. as generated by True-Q™ diagnostic protocols) must be batched into multiple jobs.

The True-Q™ Executor class automates the batching and job submission process according to the above restrictions. An asynchronous thread monitors the status of each submitted job, and submits new jobs as spots open in the queue.



Running Jobs on Qiskit Backends