Compilation Tools

True-Q™ has a powerful built-in Compiler that allows users to re-express a quantum circuit in True-Q™ through a different gateset such as the set of gates native to a particular physical device. Additionally, the Compiler can transform a True-Q™ circuit to be compatible with the circuit representations of other leading software frameworks such as Qiskit, Cirq and PyQuil.

  1. Example: Configuring Native Gates

    The Compiler can be used to construct circuits containing only gates that a native to a particular physical device by defining a configuration consisting of GateFactory objects.

  2. Compiler

    The Compiler translates quantum circuits into new quantum circuits that contain only gates that can be executed on a specific hardware platform. This includes arbitrary SU(4) decomposition for converting arbitrary unitary matrices into gates that are compatible with the hardware, in addition to circuit compression, simplification, and handling hardware restrictions.

  3. Example: Interfacing with Other Software

    Demonstrates how to easily convert between the circuit representations of leading software packages to run jobs on different platforms, including re-compiling into the gateset supported by the hardware backend. Currently, True-Q™ supports conversion between Qiskit, Cirq, pyQuil, and QASM.