Compilation Tools

We provide the following tools for compiling and running circuits with run-time error suppression across quantum computing platforms:

  1. Randomized Compiling (RC)

    Apply a pass-through transpiler for error-suppression that reduces (coherent) calibration and non-Markovian errors and can provide dramatic performance improvements [11]. The simplified and reduced stochastic error model that is achieved from Randomized Compiling is also useful for:

    • Establishing a direct correspondence between the errors diagnosed under the Diagnostic Tools and run-time errors.

    • Defining a predictable growth of error under any circuit for bounding the total error budget under a circuit through the QCap Tool.

  2. Configuration

    Specify the trueq.NativeGates available on the hardware platform, defining a configuration that enables optimization and circuit compression under the compiler tools.

  3. Compiler

    Compiles quantum circuits into new quantum circuits that contain only gates that can be executed on a specific hardware platform. This includes arbitrary SU(4) decomposition for converting arbitrary unitary matrices into gates that are compatible with the hardware, in addition to circuit compression, simplification, and handling hardware restrictions.

  4. Converting and Running Circuits on Third-Party Platforms

    Easily convert between the circuit representations of leading software packages to run jobs on different platforms, including re-compiling into the gateset supported by the hardware backend. Currently, True-Q™ supports conversion between Qiskit, Cirq, pyQuil, and QASM.