User Guide

See the readme for installation instructions.

To learn how to use True-Q™, we recommend starting with the guides contained in the |True-Q| Fundamentals section of the user guides, which introduce the basic building blocks of True-Q™. Each section begins with an overview of the section’s contents and will direct you to relevant material in each category after you gain familiarity with the basics.

  1. True-Q Fundamentals

    These guides provide an overview of some of True-Q™’s basic building blocks.

  2. Running Circuits

    These guides introduce True-Q™’s simulator and tools for executing circuits on hardware.

  3. Error Diagnostics

    These guides describe the error diagnostic methods provided by True-Q™.

  4. Error Suppression

    These guides describe the error suppression methods provided by True-Q™.

  5. Compilation Tools

    These guides describe True-Q™’s compilation tools.