Welcome to True-Q™

“Before True-Q, we simply lacked the tools for verifying that we are on the right track towards scalable quantum computing.”

—Thomas Monz, CEO & Chief Scientist, Alpine Quantum Technologies

Our goals in developing True-Q™ are to:

  1. Enable quantum computing hardware makers to efficiently and reliably optimize their device performance.

  2. Enable quantum computing users to easily and reliably use quantum computers.

To achieve these goals, True-Q™ includes state-of-the-art error diagnostic and error suppression tools to accurately predict and improve the performance of quantum computers.

To integrate these tools seamlessly into the developmental workflow of both hardware makers and end users, True-Q™ also provides a variety of tools to run circuits on local and cloud-based quantum hardware through our sophisticated compilation suite, as well as a powerful simulator to aid in the design of experiments by providing an exhaustive list of realistic error models and the ability to emulate a physical device in combination with our error diagnostic tools.

The True-Q Toolbox


True-Q™ provides a built-in circuit specification language with additional functionality for storing circuit metadata, and analyzing and visualizing simulated and experimental results associated with the circuits.

Error Diagnostics

These tools include a wide variety of benchmarking routines that estimate the fidelity of individual operations, cycles and entire circuits and can distinguish between contributions from stochastic and coherent noise as well as diagnose cross-talk errors.

Error Suppression

These tools include error calibration, suppression and mitigation techniques that allow users to overcome commonly encountered errors in realistic hardware and make algorithm performance predictable.

Compilation Tools

The True-Q™ compiler allows users to convert circuits and operations into any desired format by providing the ability to define custom native gates. Additionally, we provide convenience tools for converting True-Q™ circuits to other interfaces such as Qiskit, PyQuil, Cirq and QASM.

Running Circuits

True-Q™ provides convenience tools for running circuits on remote backends as well as a powerful simulator that enables users to execute circuits with up to 16 qubits and a variety of built-in and customizable noise sources that mimic commonly encountered experimental errors. Additionally, when combined with our diagnostic tools, users can simulate circuits under the exact same error profile that they have measured on a real device.